Healthy Hair during a Pandemic

Maintaining Healthy Hair During a Pandemic 

COVID-19 has caused quite a disruption in the beauty industry and the effects have taken a toll on the manes of men and women alike.  Reports of hair loss are on the rise at this time but we can maintain healthy hair in a pandemic by managing stress levels, having a balanced diet and practicing good scalp care.  

Stress is the greatest threat to being able to maintain healthy hair during a pandemic.  Telogen Effluvium is a hair loss condition brought on by stress.  We often minimize the relationship between stress and hair loss but it should be taken very seriously. Be intentional about finding ways to relax and alleviate stress.  Exercising is a great way to relieve stress and it also stimulates blood flow which boosts hair growth. 

Nutritional deficiency is also another source of hair loss that we should be concerned about. Many people picked up bad eating habits and extra weight while in quarantine.  Adding supplements like vitamin D, zinc, or simply adding a good multivitamin to your diet can help curb hair loss.  Vitamin D deficiency has been a major cause for hair loss in the African American community.  It may be necessary to check with your physician to see what area you may be lacking in.

Practicing good scalp care sounds like common sense but so many people focus on hair care and neglect the scalp.  Make sure that your scalp is being cleaned properly and that it is being cleaned on a regular basis.   Choose products that are appropriate for your hair and scalp.   Products that contain mostly natural ingredients are usually best because other products have a higher chance of causing dermatitis or other scalp irritation.  A good scalp massage is also an excellent way to encourage hair growth.  

Aleia Mosley

Master Cosmetologist, Cosmetology Instructor, Hair 

Mane Patrol Beauty Education Services LLC